Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

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Henry Crowne Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price


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Freddie P. Peters

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The Final Step interview Freddie P Peters, discussing her new novel, Red Renegade

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Terribly gripping, exciting and realistic! A must read

A terribly gripping, exciting and realistic description of the high spheres of Finance, governed by humankind’s most basic instincts. There is a great variety of truly interesting characters in this book, which ends in the most surprising way. A wonderful page turner, can’t wait to read Freddie P Peters’ next!

Volker Lewis

The intriguing world of finance

An excellent read which always finds good and bad within our society and the world of finance is no exception

Breaking Point

A cracking good read !

If you like Frederick Forsyth or Ken Follett you’ll really love this book. It’s a cracking good read, a brilliant, fast moving and ever-changing plot with an ending….not telling you ! You’ve got to read it. You won’t be able to put it down. It’s the first of a trilogy. Roll on the next one.

Rober Davenport

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