Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Spy-Shadows-Henry-Crowne-Paying-the-Price-Freddie-P-Peters New Henry Crown: Paying the Price box set 1-3 Collapse, Freddie P. Peters Breaking Point, Freddie P. Peters No Turning Back, Freddie P. Peters

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New Box Set Available: Books 1-3
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Freddie P. Peters

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Gripping read

Exciting and further move on for our three key characters, what will Nancy do next??

Really enjoyable and thought provoking!

A Thorne
No Turning Back

Gripping thriller

Not only does it provide a real insight into the world of investment banking for the uninitiated reader but also delivers a real page-turner of a thriller whose central character is as slippery and ambivalent in his way as Ripley. The dark side of high finance has rarely seemed so compelling. The plotting is tight and the various simmering sub-plots will undoubtedly bubble over into the next two books of an intended trilogy.

NJ Streitberger

Intelligent, fast-paced thriller

Even though suspense isn’t really my genre, I do like a good read, especially one that includes political intrigue. I also loved reading about the 2008 financial crisis, a world-changing event which I’ve always found scary and fascinating at the same time. The characters in Collapse are very well drawn, and I cannot wait to see what happens to Henry Crowne in the sequel!

Helena Halme, Author