Henry Crowne: Paying the Price – Prequel

Insurgent title

A son in the footsteps of his terrorist father... How far will he go?

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Henry Crowne makes his yearly trip to The Cayman Islands under the pretence of an annual review of the law firms his bank works with. The ultimate destination Henry keeps secret is Panama, where he meets his IRA contact and reviews the financial arrangements he has made to organise money laundering for the Irish terror group he has always supported.

After his day trip to Panama, Henry hopes for a relaxed evening in one of the best-known Cigar bars in Georgetown, but the night turns to disaster when a man is gunned down in front of his young son.

Henry is a witness, and the police wants to talk to him. What they do not yet know is that the murder propels Henry back to the darker days of The Troubles in Belfast, and to the day his own father died at the hands of men who were never caught.

Now Henry must use is resourcefulness to track the killer, find justice for the man and his son whilst avoiding the preying questions of a sharp Inspector.

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

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