Henry Crowne: Paying the Price – Book Four


Forgiveness is Sweet, Revenge is Sweeter

The most wanted INTERPOL fugitive,

The most destructive Terror Group in the world,

The most impossible British Intelligence Services’ mission…

Henry Crowne, disgraced financier and former IRA operative has escaped London’s top high-security prison with the unexpected help of MI6.

His mission…infiltrate an emerging terror group that has already claimed many lives in the West and threatens to destabilise the Middle East further. Henry’s perilous journey leads him to the group’s centre of power in Syria and Iraq. His aim, to meet the elusive man who runs a merciless war against those who oppose him.

But Henry decides to help Mattie Colmore, a war reporter hostage. Can he still hide in plain sight, bring back the information the West desperately need to defeat Islamic State and save Mattie at the same time?

SPY SHADOWS is an espionage and high-finance thriller, the fourth in the “Henry Crowne, Paying The Price” series. If you liked Rob Sinclair’s SLEEPER 13, L.T Ryan’s NOBLE BEGINNINGS or the TV series MacMafia or Spooks, you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P Peters’ latest fierce-paced thriller, discover it now…

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Spy-Shadows-Henry-Crowne-Paying-the-Price-Freddie-P-Peters New Henry Crown: Paying the Price box set 1-3 Collapse, Freddie P. Peters Breaking Point, Freddie P. Peters No Turning Back, Freddie P. Peters

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