No Turning Back, Freddie P. PetersNo Turning Back, Freddie P. Peters
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Henry Crowne: Paying the Price – Book Three


No Turning Back: A life for a life... his only choice

A City banker turned whistle-blower targeted by a car bomb.

A new insurgent cell in London.

A former financial terrorist seeking redemption…

The gruesome execution of a notorious thief and an assassination attempt on a high-finance executive turned whistle-blower throw former QC Nancy Wu and Inspector Jonathan Pole into a race to defuse the threat of a new terror group. The stakes are considerable, and they need help to untangle a web of deceit involving an international bank and a Middle Eastern state…

Can Henry Crowne, disgraced financier and past IRA operative find redemption in lending his expertise to the case or will he have to give much more…his life perhaps?

NO TURNING BACK is a financial crime and espionage thriller, the third book in the Henry Crowne: Paying the Price series. If you liked Imposter 13 by Rob Sinclair, Deep State by Jack Slatter or the TV series Informer, and The Bureau you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P. Peters’ latest fast-paced thriller.

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A ripping read keeps you on your toes

This book third in the Henry Crowne series, masterfully brings together all the threads, romantic, espionage, crime, art that the previous two books alluded to. Action packed – each page revealing yet more twists and turns; and the best written of the three, well worth a read.

Amazon Customer

Keeps you turning the pages

The latest update in the story of Henry Crowne is hard to put down — I started reading it on a flight and then wished that my taxi journey to the hotel would be longer to finish it …
Well observed details make you really get under the skin of the characters . I can’t wait for what happens next !

Elisabeth Gaunt

Wonderfully well paced thriller interlacing art,financial fraud and international intrigue

A great third act to the Henry Crowne affair. And in addition to being a rollercoaster of a thriller it also fills in lacunae on the financial crisis and Libor

Fleur Perrouin

Gripping read

Exciting and further move on for our three key characters, what will Nancy do next??

Really enjoyable and thought provoking!

A Thorne

Excellent – Finance & Art Thriller

The third book in an excellent trilogy. It continues the thrilling exploits of my favourite character Henry Crowne. A talented author who continues the fascinating instalments of city finance and the art world.

Kathy Vanderhook

A fast-paced financial espionage thriller set in London

The third installment in the Henry Crowne series is another fast-past tale including terrorism, espionage, romance and fine art, all set in London. If you like your female heroes tough and your male ones stubborn and foolhardy, this is the book for you! Just as with the two previous novels in the series, I couldn’t put NO TURNING BACK down, so if you value your sleep, start reading early in the evening!

Helena Halme, Author

Another masterpiece in “thriller” writing

The latest “can’t put down” book from a very talented author. The plot swings from page to page and chapter to chapter until you arrive at a surprising ending. The book continues the story of the infamous Henry Crowne’s efforts to get himself out of HMP Belmarsh and is a worthy successor to its predecessors Collapse and Breaking Point. It helps to have read these books, but not essential, as the author does a very good job of summarising what’s gone on before. Roll on the next instalment!

Dudley D

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

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