Blood Dragon by Freddie P PetersBlood Dragon by Freddie P Peters
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A NANCY WU CRIME THRILLER with a hint of tech and espionage…

Her bio-tech researcher friend was kidnapped in London 24 hours ago,

Her dissident father disappeared in Beijing 30 years ago,

MI6 and The CIA are involved in both cases, with one common target in mind…


Nancy Wu, the renowned Queen’s Counsel, has lent her formidable skills to Scotland Yard for many years. It is high time she directs her exceptional mind to solving a cold case that has been haunting her for too long ... her father’s disappearance from Beijing 30 years ago.

When her young friend Ollie, a genius biotech researcher, is kidnapped, drugged, and left for dead, she offers to help uncover the culprit.

As the links between the two cases become entwined and evidence points to a China connection, MI6 and The CIA show an unexpected interest in the cases. But people around Nancy are starting to get hurt. How much will she sacrifice to get to the truth?

BLOOD DRAGON is a political and tech crime thriller, the first in the NANCY WU CRIME THRILLER series. If you enjoyed LETHAL WHITE by ROBERT GALBRAITH and BLOOD MONEY by JM DALGLEISH you will enjoy this griping, fast-paced and suspenseful crime thriller. Discover a writer who readers describe as talented and well worth reading.



The best so far…

I loved the transition of Henry’s character from Banker to MI6 Agent and this was a book I just couldn’t put down. A great read for my week away in the sun and would thoroughly recommend.


Reading from behind the sofa…

I’m a rubbish thriller reader because I worry so much about the characters. For a novel to raise my anxiety to a level where I can hardly continue reading, the plot, the twists and turns, and the characters have to all be believable. In SPY SHADOWS, Freddie P. Peters achieves this feat and adds a fast pace to the mix, which means you can hardly take a breath as you race across the pages. A great read, even if you have to hide behind the virtual sofa to enjoy the book.

Helena Halme, Author

A thrilling read!

Read all three books in this series during lockdown!!! A great read and can’t wait for the author’s next book.


Great read!

Spy Shadows is a cracking read. It can be read as a stand-alone or a follow on from the trilogy, Henry Crowne Paying the Price. Henry appears as a main character in the earlier books but here he is, off on his own, in a meticulously researched book about Middle East terrorism and war in Syria, with some of the story set in London, Henry’s old stomping ground. Henry is set on a personal mission, finding redemption for past misdeeds, whilst furthering the objectives of the British Intelligence Services. He’s a bad boy but oh, I want him to win! And all with the added frisson of a potential new love interest. It is Freddie P Peters best book yet, I had to keep reading to find out what happened in vividly described desert landscapes, war-torn ruined cities, luxury hotels and the London cityscape, all rich with accurate detail. What a journey! A great read for the holidays.

Susan R

You cannot put this down

I have read all of Freddie’s books so far – the characters are again coming to life. You will really come to root for Henry and his team in Iraq and the support team in London ! Even the minor characters are believable and well drawn and the twists in the plot keep coming
A real page turner – it will make you forget your surroundings.

Elisabeth Gaunt

Excellent – recommended

I thoroughly enjoyed this page turner which has an excellent mix of action and intrigue. This is a remarkable book which I cannot recommend too highly.

Kathy Vanderhook

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

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