Red Renegade, Freddie P. Peters
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Red Renegade, Freddie P. Peters

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price – Book 6

Red Renegade

A kidnapped genius scientist holds the balance between war and peace…
Can one man free him from China’s grip?

Henry Crowne, former rebel financier, now British Intelligence agent, lands with a US SEAL team in one of the most challenging regions of China. His new mission… to free a kidnapped scientist whose ground-breaking tech innovation will change the face of war. With every country after the discovery, it's not just the scientist whose life is in danger.

Captured and thrown into the same dark-site camp as his target, Henry must resist lethal interrogation, gang challenges, and the greed of the camp’s warden to save himself and his charge. But escape is not the greatest challenge for the pair, a high-ranking Chinese defector is willing to risk her life and reveal the military plans to use the revolutionary technology.

Henry must find a way to freedom through the torrid Gobi Desert and collect the intelligence that will tilt the balance between war and peace, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice…

RED RENEGADE is the sixth book in the Henry Crowne Paying the Price series. If you enjoy bold characters, relentless plots and startling twists and turns, you will be excited by this unwavering thriller.

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Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

Henry Crowne: Paying the Price

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