The A Team

Freddie P Peters

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Kate Gallagher

Kate Gallagher is a published fiction author since 2012. She has worked with several editors on 15+ books, written in either UK or US English. Kate has also completed specialised training with the Editorial Freelancers Association in the US.

Her favourite part of the writing process is the edit. You know, the bit where you turn your stream of consciousness into something worth publishing?

Kate’s established writing career, along with specialist training and working with patient editors over the years, has given her a solid understanding of what fiction needs.

Ryan O'Hara – Book cover designer

Ryan O’Hara
Designer of awesome book covers!

Creator of the latest awesome book cover for BLOOD DRAGON  and a great revision of NO TURNING BACK.

Check out his website at

Abbie Headon

Abbie Headon is a freelance editor and writer, who has worked at Oxford University Press, Summersdale, Duckworth and HarperCollins. She offers a range of editorial services including structural edits, line edits and proofreads, and works with publishers and authors. Say hi to Abbie on Twitter at @abbieheadon.

Angie Thomas

Meet the brilliant videographer behind the exciting videos of my books.

Helen Rayner
Moon Street Studio


Helena Halme

Author and Mentor…discover her talents on her website:

Tamsin Carter
Website designer